Meet the Philadelphia District Servant, Kerry Willis.

About Rev Kerry Willis:

Rev. Kerry Willis is a recipient of Eastern Nazarene College’s Pastor of the Year award as well as a Pastor’s Leadership Award from the National Coalition of Men’s Ministries. Rev. Willis pastored at Harrisonburg First Church of the Nazarene for twenty-four years and now serves as district superintendent for the Philadelphia District in the Church of the Nazarene. Kerry and his wife Kim, have a son, Grayson, a daughter, Allison and a dog named Lucy.  He is the author and coauthor of 3 books.

            1. Relational Leadership:

outlines thirteen expectations that leaders should use to clearly communicate to and with their teams support systems. These non-negotiable rules of servant leadership, as Willis calls them, are designed to help guide leaders as they effectively model and communicate leadership.



            2. Showing up:Relational Leadership:

outlineChrist calls us to share his love with others—but how do we do that? For many Christians, our preconceptions about evangelism can be intimidating. Pastors Kerry Willis and Margaret Michael, with Brian Charette, challenge us to shift our focus from procedures and formulas to true connections and real relationships.


            3. Stress Factor:

Just another book about stress? Not Really! The Stress Factor doesn’t even start with stress. It begins with a story--a parable of a real Christian life--one you will connect with from the very first page.Through the story of Chris Seal, authors Kerry Willis and Brian Charette take you on a journey from a life overwhelmed by stress to a life freed by rest. Built upon a strong biblical foundation and backed with extensive research, Willis and Charette introduce the REST method--an active and achievable approach to stress management. Using the principles found in The Stress Factor, learn how to best respond to stress and listen to God’s voice urging you to discover where rest, freedom, and peace can be found. Because stress is a battle you can win.

Schedule of Services

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GriefShare Support........6:30

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